^ Old memories.

Thank God my Mom followed us around during our childhood with her Minolta.  Not just because our childhood memories are firmly planted on tacky adhesive pages covered in cellophane, but because it inspired me to do the same.

Those old film images have informed my shooting style… both in documenting the experience of a moment as well as showing things unscripted…. that’s match made in heaven.  Obsessed with preservation, I specialize in authenticity and documentation in my images.


While I mainly shoot travel, documentary-lifestyle, and stock photography, I do take a limited number of portrait clients.  My shooting style is characterized as experiential, showing the human viewpoint and texture of the subject.


I am a very proud member of Stocksy United, an equitable co-op made up of highly skilled photographers offering honest and unique stock images at fair prices for client and photographer alike.  You can see my stock portfolio here.

I offer private and group photographer mentoring and training through my website, offer a breakout session on shooting multi genre, and I teach a style course online.  I am a mentor on Clickin Moms, where women at all levels of photography can learn and grow in a safe and inspiring environment.  Many of us shoot daily to stretch our creative legs and you can see my contribution on CM


Look around, reach out, I can’t wait to hear from you.  S.





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Sarah Lalone

A: London, Ontario, Canada

P: (1) 519 619 9627

E: punchphotographic@gmail.com

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